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Gift Tips

What are steps to wrapping the perfect gift?
Putting some effort into it.  It doesn’t have to be perfect but give it the old college try!  Of course, the first step is to make sure you have the right supplies . . . paper, ribbon, scissors, tape, etc. If not, there are always gift wrapping resources (usually at high-end paper/card stores).    Can also be a gift bag with coordinated tissue paper.

What are the essential gift-wrapping tools?
Paper, tissue paper, ribbon, tape (regular and double sided), note cards, nice gift bags.

How can a man choose appropriate paper?
Keep it simple.  Always best to stick with a solid multi-functional color (like white) and then pick up an assortment of different colored ribbon to have on hand for various occasions (red for xmas, pastels for girls’ bdays, pink/blue for babies, black or chocolate brown for guys).

What is the single most important thing to remember when wrapping a gift?
That first impressions are everything and don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Also, guys are always given points for JUST TRYING. Also, remember that the gift wrapping IS PART OF THE GIFT…so budget and plan for it.  Also, remember that the note card is part of the gift wrapping.  Keep in mind who the recipient is and try to use their favorite colors or incorporate something they love.

What message does a well-wrapped gift portray?
Every gift is an individual reflection of both the giver and the recipient. Keep in mind that someone will be excited before they even open your gift if it is beautifully wrapped.

What message does a poorly wrapped gift portray?
That you didn’t really care enough to put the extra effort into your gift.

How can you hide gift-wrapping imperfections?
What I call “flourishes”.  A fresh or silk flower or even foliage like ivy.  Extra ribbon/bows, a strategically placed note card.  Also remember that double sided tape is your friend!

What should a man avoid when wrapping a gift?
Don’t be overly ambitious; keep it simple.  Don’t try to wrap oddly shaped items. …put them in a standard shaped box or use a gift bag.

What mistakes do men often make when wrapping a gift?
They don’t practice.  They wait till the last minute.  They aren’t prepared.  They don’t care.

Why is gift wrapping a skill every man should have?
It’s an easy way to earn brownie points with a significant other. It’s a sign of thoughtfulness and sensitivity.

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